Letter to the Editor: Pouring New Salt on Fraternity Wounds

By Reed Sutton, President, Kappa Sigma


When covering a story in the future, I would strongly suggest researching the organization involved, as well as its members. Rod Harris is no longer the president, as you wrote in the Jan. 23 news story, “Kappa Sigma Busted for Booze.”

Furthermore, singling out the Kappa Sigma house as the problem on Greek Row is a great way to hype a story, but holds little merit over the past four years.

Before the events of Jan. 19, Kappa Sigma had received no citations in four years. I understand your need to run a story about the incident, but I urge your staff to recognize the harm in dividing the greek system into Kappa Sigma and everyone else.

Furthermore, the “antics” as you called them in the Jan. 23 house editorial, “Black Sheep Shouldn’t Represent Whole Flock,” were the direct result of poor decision making by a minority of our members.

Over the weekend, elected officers of Kappa Sigma were out of state at a leadership conference. This was in no manner a sanctioned or approved event. Kappa Sigma is taking this matter extremely seriously.

We are taking internal action to suspend or expel those responsible. Greek Row has been a subject of scrutiny for years at the U, but remains one of the only alternative organizations for students. We need to keep Greek Row unified, and your “opinion” jeopardizes this. I am in no way trying to place blame on anyone other than ourselves, but felt compelled to respond to such a damaging article.

Reed Sutton, President, Kappa Sigma