The Chronicle’s View: Greek Captain Is Where He Belongs

Since police handed out 52 alcohol citations at a party in the Kappa Sigma house, greek leadership has strived to separate itself from the errant fraternity.

In that respect, the Interfraternity Council is handling the situation well. In the shadow of recent agreements with neighbors, repairing a damaged image may be a matter of survival. And in this situation, all of Greek Row risks owning Kappa Sigma’s public relations nightmare.

The party violated a pact, only a few months old, with neighbors, which included attention from Mayor Rocky Anderson.

IFC President Cory Peterson’s plans to draft a statement condemning the Kappa Sigmas’ actions is a wise, strategic move.

He and runningmate Marcus Lopez, Interfraternity Council recruitment chairman, had aspired to become student leaders under the banner of the What? party Peterson has also withdrawn his candidacy for student body president. Regardless of the reasons, his decision was warranted.

Running for student body presidency is arduous and time consuming. Once elected, the new officials’ work-load cannot be expected to lighten up.

Right now, Greek Row needs the extra effort which might well be squandered on a campaign.

Members of the greek system are a very active part of student government, and Peterson and Lopez can continue to be involved in much less demanding ways.

Greek leaders’ plans to focus attention on improving public relations between the greeks and the outside world will be no small undertaking.

Instead of abandoning his post in the midst of the storm, Peterson is staying where his leadership is needed most. In planning to address the problems he is fulfilling his duties as IFC president.