Greeks Push Back Recruitment Week

By By Adam Benson

By Adam Benson

There are changes in store for the U’s greek recruitment process in fall 2002.

Marcus Lopez, recruitment chair of the Interfraternity Council, and Jessica Rogers of the Panhellenic Council presented their changes to the presidents of every fraternity and sorority recognized by the U in a meeting Jan. 14.

“Every fraternity and sorority was very supportive [of our changes],” Rogers said.

Traditionally held during the first week of school, the rush process begins two days prior to the first day of class. Lopez and Rogers hoped to change this because the rush process would coincide with large start-of-the-year events, such as Redfest.

Changing the recruitment dates, Lopez said, makes it easier for potential recruits.

“By the time recruitment week starts, most students will have their schedule solidified, and we can use other events as a springboard for rushing,” Lopez said, noting the new time frame makes it more conducive to going through the rushing process.

“We want to make it so everybody on campus can hear about recruitment,” Rogers said.

The newly adopted recruitment schedule is more in-depth and comprehensive, according to Lopez.

Among the new plans is an explanation of what exactly “rush” is with weekly information sessions offered for at least the first three weeks of Fall Semester 2002.

“Rushing is one of the most hands-on experiences you can get,” Lopez said.

The new recruitment schedule for men begins on Monday, Sept. 9 and runs through Friday, Sept. 13.

For women, the dates are tentatively scheduled from Saturday, Sept. 7 to Friday, Sept. 13 with two breaks falling on Sunday, Sept. 8 and Wednesday, Sept. 11. On the dates of the break, no recruitment activities will take place.

The men voted unanimously to continuously rush the entire week.

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