Letter to the Editor: Students Have Right to Disagree

By Weston Clark, Senior, Social Science Composite


I recently read the article about the teaching assistant who made “offensive” comments concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints which offended some students. I also read The Chronicle’s house editorial concerning the issues. I must say, I disagree with both the students and your catering voice.

Now, concerning the issue in the class, I find it to be ridiculous that a teacher could make a comment that might be offensive to some students and then risk being removed from the class.

Teachers make “biased” or “opinionated” comments all the time and are sure to offend someone. Just because there is a majority in the class who were offended, that should give no more power to the claim.

Critical and active learners at the university have every right to disagree with a professor or TA. I find it hard to believe, and from the statements made in the article, that the TA just silenced all discussion on the matter. Besides, it sounds like William hasn’t done much to solve the issue by missing meetings to fix the problem.

Besides, if these students were good students they would understand that “institutionalized racism” is rampant in all institutions in the nation. The fact that probably 99 percent plus kids in that class were white is a perfect example.

I think all this shows is that the class might not be learning anything at all. Anyway, sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Weston Clark, Senior, Social Science Composite