Police Report: Burglar Gets Into Car by Punching Out Its Door Lock

Car punching?A car stereo and several CDs were burglarized from a vehicle parked near Red Butte Canyon. The thief got into the vehicle by “punching” the lock though the door handle.

Ski bum gets caught?Campus Recreation reported that a student had failed to return ski equipment she had rented, even after Campus Rec contacted her and she said she would return it. Shortly after Campus Rec contacted the police, the student returned all the equipment.

Bicycle theft?Two bicycles were stolen. One from outside the Art and Architecture Building and one from outside the Mines Building.

Car theft?A thief broke a window on a car parked in the terrace near the hospital and stole a case containing 30 CDs.

A rear license plate was stolen from a car parked on campus.

Table theft?A director at the Heritage Center reported that she saw a man and woman take a table from the center without permission. The director questioned the woman about this, but the woman denied any involvement, so the director contacted the police. No further information is available as of now.