Olympic Torch to Be Displayed in Union

To preserve a piece of the Olympics and record the U’s involvement in the Games, the Union will soon display one of the torches that carried the Olympic Flame.

The Salt Lake Organizing Committee donated the torch to President Bernie Machen for his involvement?he served as a member of SLOC’s board of trustees.

“President Machen donated the torch to the Union because it’s the central focal point of the campus,” said Barbara Snyder, vice president for student affairs.

Snyder suggested showcasing Olympic pins along with the torch at the display.

“We are currently identifying a campus-wide selection of pins. If students have unique or duplicate pins, we would love to have them,” she said.

The names of students, faculty and staff who donate pins will appear on a plaque next to the display.

Union Director Whit Hollis said he will collect pins for the display until the end of the semester. He is still in the planning stages for the actual design and location of the display, but hopes to have it ready by Fall Semester.

“We will place it in a high-traffic area,” he said. “But I want to do more than just display the torch, I want to somehow capture the pride the U, state and nation had in hosting the Games.”