Hussein Demands Cut in Oil Exports

BAGHDAD, Iraq?Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on Monday called on Arab oil exporters to stop sales to the United States and Israel as well as cut their exports in half.

Saddam spoke in a national television address less than a month after he announced he was cutting off Iraq’s oil exports for 30 days or until Israel withdraws from Palestinian territories, an announcement that triggered an immediate increase in world oil prices.

He said Arabs should “immediately decrease the production of their oil for export by 50 percent and?deprive the U.S. and Zionist entity of the other exported half.”

He said any countries that resold Arab oil to the United States or Israel should be cut off as well.

Leaders of the two main Kurdish parties reportedly met with U.S. officials last week to coordinate efforts to remove Saddam Hussein from power, according to Iraqi dissidents and Arab press.