Johnson Steps Down as Board Of Regents Chairman

PRICE?Regents’ efforts to persuade Charlie Johnson to serve a third term as chairman of the state Board of Regents failed. Johnson announced he would step down Friday, at the Regents meeting at the College of Eastern Utah.

Serving for four years, Johnson is the seasoned veteran of a relatively new board?six of the 16 Regents were appointed just last year.

Regents plan to elect a new leader at next month’s meeting.

Johnson plans to focus his additional time into his job, managing the finances of the Huntsman Chemical corporation. However, he plans to continue to serve one more year on the board as an “extremely active member.”

Commissioner of Higher Education, Cecelia Foxely said she is saddened by his decision.

“Charlie’s experience and expertise lead the board where it is today,” Foxely said. “He has done a remarkable job and will continue to serve well.”

Johnson formerly served as chief of staff for Gov. Mike Leavitt.