Police Report: Kids Caught on Drunken Joy Ride

Stolen beer kegs and joy-riding?A man took his parents’ car without permission and picked up a couple of friends. They planned on stealing a keg of beer from the University Park Hotel and guzzling it in the foothills east of Research Park. University police learned about the car and pulled it over in the hotel parking lot. The car owners’ son and one friend were released to their parents.

Drugged-up guy almost runs over officer?Responding to a call, a U officer found a man passed out in his car near the Block U. The officer woke the man and questioned him about his welfare. The man said he was just tired. The officer noted alcohol on the driver’s breath and a hypodermic needle on the ground just outside the driver’s car door. The officer got the driver’s license, arranged for a background check on the guy and discovered he had outstanding felony warrants. While the checks were being run, the driver got anxious. As the officer approached the car a second time, the driver started the car and sped off. The officer had to jump out of the way to avoid the car. The officer started a chase, but could not do so safely or effectively because of the wet roads and residential area. Another U officer saw the fleeing car and also pursued it briefly, but terminated the pursuit because of the conditions. Since the man has been identified, police want to issue a warrant and catch him later.

Incidentless trespass?A resident of the Benchmark Plaza apartments reported that two men walked into the common area of her apartment cluster because, as one of the men said, “The door was unlocked.” The resident recognized one of the men as a friend of a friend, but did not know the other man. She escorted them from the building without incident.

Foster assault?A foster parent living in the University Village reported one of her foster children assaulted her. The young man was taken into custody and into the juvenile receiving center.

Bizarre telephone harassment?A Chapel Glen resident reported she received three phone calls in the same day in which the caller asked personal questions. The caller said he was lonely and wished he was a woman because women deal with depression better than men.

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