Earthquake Hits Central Balkans

GNJILANE, Yugoslavia?An earthquake jolted parts of the central Balkans on Wednesday, knocking down a minaret and killing one man. Sixty other people were injured, a U.N. spokesman said.

The quake’s preliminary magnitude was measured at 5.1, with its epicenter some 175 miles south of Belgrade, near the town of Vitina in the southern province of Kosovo, said Slavica Radulovic of the Seismological Institute of Serbia. The earthquake was first felt at 12:50 p.m.

In Gnjilane, one man was killed when a mosque’s minaret collapsed, sending debris flying, said U.N. spokesman Andrea Angeli. Family members identified the victim as Isuf Bicku, a 42-year-old barber and father of three.

Angeli said 23 people were hospitalized, including two in serious condition. Many more were injured by flying glass in Gnjilane, a city some 20 miles east of Kosovo’s capital, Pristina.