Group Criticizes ASUU Senate’s K-UTE Decision

The Student Broadcast Council, K-UTE and concerned students believe the Student Senate’s decision to cut K-UTE’s umbilical cord to ASUU was unconstitutional.

They filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of the Associated Students of the University of Utah Wednesday, following last week’s decision which drastically decreased the station’s operation budget.

According to Jonathan Jemming, a first-year law student, for a bill to pass, it needs to receive a majority in the Senate or two-thirds combined votes in the Senate and General Assembly. There are 16 senators, and the bill received only eight votes, making it unconstitutional, Jemming said.

If the ASUU Supreme Court upholds the Senate’s ruling, Jemming said the complaint will then be filed with the Board of Trustees.

“I’m confident the Supreme Court will overturn the decision,” Jemming said.

No date or time has been set by the Supreme Court for the hearing.