War with Iraq

By [email protected]

Editor: In light of U.S. foreign policy double-standardness, our notoriously arrogant claim to immunity regarding international law, and our wholly unwelcomed involvement and presence in the Middle East, anti-American sentiment is more pervasive than ever. Accordingly, many Americans fear that such an attack on Iraq would further inflame anger against the U.S. and may well lead to more terrorist attacks. As we all observed in horror, one need not possess nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons to murder thousands of innocent people. If Saddam Hussein is as great a threat as Bush purports (and this is a question that should be critically scrutinized), an attack on his country would give him more reason than ever to unleash his latent destructive powers on the citizens of this country. Until there is solid evidence demonstrating to American citizens and the United Nations just how Saddam represents a clear and present danger, military action is unfounded and violates international law–that exists for no other purpose but to protect the citizens of all countries from war and human rights violations. Pre-emptive military strikes would not simply be in violation of international law, but would also characterize the U.S. instantly as a global aggressor Rather than act unilaterally and with such haste why not urge our Representatives in Congress to demand Bush to consider less rash options than war. First and foremost why not demand that Bush engage in a discussion with other UN members and actually consider what they have to say instead of simply trying to convince them of the righteousness of his pre-emptive militaristic solution. If the U.S. where to take the United Nations seriously we would re-engage with the rest of the world that would in turn help cool anti-American sentiment and as a result, truly help to promote our national security.

Below are the phone numbers of our congressional Representatives.Sen. Bennett: Local 801-524-5933 D.C. 202-224-5444 Sen. Hatch: Local 801-524-4380 D.C. 202-224-5251

Rep. Matheson: Local 801-524-4394 D.C. 202-225-3011

White House: 202-456-1111

By:Brian Emerson582-50261968 Bryan Ave. SLC UT 84108