Letter to the Editor: Standing Up for Straight Pride

By Epperson, Brandon


I read the editorial “Poster Hangers Should Come Out” on Oct. 22 and noted that the author had this to say:

“Gays and lesbians have to put themselves in jeopardy every day. They regularly run the risk of getting physically or verbally attacked or discriminated against. Heterosexuals, however, are rarely persecuted for their beliefs.”

First off, it was my understanding that being gay is not a choice or belief, but a genetic pre-disposition or combination of several inalterable factors that lead to homosexuality.

Second, the freedom of speech that gays and lesbians enjoy allows them the freedom to run risks, perhaps to the point of getting verbally or physically attacked. As clearly as there should never be laws to prevent gays or lesbians from speaking out there should never be laws to dis-allow people from reacting. Gays, lesbians, Black Panthers and Christians all have the freedom to say whatever they want and then reap the recompenses that come from conducting themselves in a way some people might see as threatening.

In no way do I condone the actions of aggressors who wish to stamp out gay and lesbian alliances on campus. But the same freedoms that we enjoy are always extended to the opposition. As straight people “should be willing to accept the same risks that gays and lesbians face every day,” The Chronicle should be willing to set the example by supporting straight students’ right to hold a week of heterosexual celebration.

Apparently one of the risks of being heterosexual is not having the support of The Chronicle staff if you attempt to celebrate your sexuality. To support the celebration of a National Coming Out Week and then argue that a Heterosexual Pride Week would be out of the question is ridiculously myopic.

Brandon Epperson

Senior, Finance