Letter to the Editor: BYU Fans Choosing the Right?

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The question often arises as to why U fans hate BYU fans so much. What perplexes many is why members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are U fans dislike BYU fans so much.

The answer is illustrated by several experiences at this weekend’s football game. As a member of the LDS Church, I understand the importance of setting an example of religious belief. No, I am not perfect. But BYU fans take misrepresentation to a new extreme. A BYU fan tried to pick a fight with me after the game. He and his friends were using swear words left and right. The BYU fan kept trying to get me to fight him by pushing me and ultimately spitting in my face. At that point, I lost my cool and tried to attack him, but my brother restrained me. I soon discovered other BYU students yelling the f-word and flipping everyone off.

I will admit, sometimes U fans can get overly rowdy and rude. But BYU fans should be setting an example of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. BYU fans should use the athletic program to help the church. What disappoints me most of all is that I know several people who have said they would never investigate the church after witnessing BYU fans’ behavior at games in Provo.

It doesn’t surprise me that people from all over the country hate BYU fans. I have traveled to many different stadiums throughout the country, and never have I witnessed the same degrading behavior as I have seen from BYU fans.

I love the church with all my heart. But I will never support BYU or its fans because their actions are not representative of what the church stands for.

Justin Bagley

Graduate Student, Accounting