Letter to the Editor: Democracy Speaks

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I’m writing in response to Jeremy Voros’ “Contemplating Peace as my Roommate Goes to War” from Jan. 28.

It is hard to analyze a film studies major’s critique about the showdown with Iraq because, like all political analysis from Hollywood, it was abundant with ignorance.

So where do I start? To begin with, I commend Voros for pointing out that Iraq and Palestine are not the same–I used to work at a Palestinian human rights group in Washington, DC.

But to see the U.S. government as the same monster that was at Tiananmen Square is an insult. And dethroning Saddam Hussein, who is known for shooting people in cabinet meetings for disagreeing with him, is never aggression–it’s the right thing to do.

Voros claimed he wants the principles of democracy to work. I’ve got news for him: They already have. Congress gave President Bush the authority, and Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, most of Eastern Europe and a few gulf states are with us.

And if Voros really wants to help, he can start by giving his roommate the encouragement and support he deserves for serving and defending our country in these troubled times.

Bart Gatrell

Graduate Student,

International Relations