Letter to the Editor: Keep Tuition System Running as Planned

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It strikes me as a crass fund-raising initiative for the Web-based tuition payment system to shut down at 9:30 on the evening tuition is due.

When income accounting made tuition payment available on the Web, it made a tacit commitment to have it available, particularly until midnight the day tuition is due. Since they gather in a $60 late fee after that, the current arrangement is a blatant rip-off.

The income accounting representative I spoke with this morning said primly that it was my fault for paying my tuition at the last minute. I would like to remind her and the income accounting staff that they set the deadline, and that the last minute is as valid as any other time to pay tuition. The onus is on them to accept payment until the last minute, not on students to pay early.

If they offer Web-based payment, their system must be made capable of accepting payment when it arrives on time. Students who were unable to get through on the Web to pay yesterday deserve an apology, not a late fee.

Valerie Orlemann

Sophomore, Art