Letter to the Editor: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

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I read Jeremy Voros’ war thoughts editorial, “Contemplating Peace as my Roommate Goes to War” on Jan. 28 with interest, as it’s been a topic I’ve thought about a lot.

My father asked (generically) where were the students of today, given that the students of 1970 were on the front of the anti-war movement.

I’ve considered that question, and wondered why there are no protests (that I’ve heard of) anywhere. My excuses for not organizing such a thing involve graduation and homework, but realistically, I do have time to contribute.

Are there such movements occurring? I’ve not heard of any. I would assume any that are held could expect others to show up and call them unpatriotic, anti-American, and other such things. Myself, I would certainly contribute some time to it anyway.

Perhaps The Chronicle could address the question as to why students of today are so passive, or if they are not, where are the protests and why are they not given wider publicity for people to attend?

Aaron Dewell

Senior, Math