Letter to the Editor: A Law Student Who has a Soul

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I am writing in response to Jared Whitley’s Whitticism column on Jan. 29 headlined “Applying for Law School? Check Your Soul at the Door.”

Although Whitley’s criticisms of the law profession are well deserved by some, I fear Whitley continues to perpetuate a stereotype which is likely to only make the profession worse.

Although some law students will choose to cast aside their morality in search of money and power, the majority of the law students and lawyers I have worked with are truly interested in helping others.

Some good people choose to avoid the legal profession because of the stereotypes Whitley insists on perpetuating. By painting the legal profession with such an ugly brush, I fear Mr. Whitley will dissuade people that would do good from considering a legal career and further accentuate the problem of those few bad lawyers who do so much damage.

Also, to correct one factual error: lawyers do not get paid by the word. Well written legal briefs are clear and concise. The contorted lawsuit complaint Mr. Whitley read is an unfortunate example of how the legal profession desperately needs more good writers. Please don’t discourage them!

Bill Ralston

Law, First Year