Letter to the Editor: Take Your Cigarettes Away From the Doors

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The Utah Clean Air Act strictly prohibits smoking in public areas and within 25 feet of any building entrance, window or air intake area. Regardless, the U seems to have an abundance of people who either do not know this or do not care.

Several times a week I must hold my breath as I enter such buildings as the Marriott Library because someone is smoking nearby.

Besides protecting myself from the dangers of secondhand smoke, because I am asthmatic, I am protecting myself from complications that could arise from breathing smoke into my lungs when my airways are already in danger of constriction.

Despite how I feel personally about smoking, I understand that everyone has the right to smoke if he or she chooses to do so. I simply ask that those smokers who are not abiding by the Utah Clean Air Act respect my right not to have to breathe that smoke.

Holly Price

Junior, Social Work