Questions Regarding Beck’s Position

By [email protected]

Questions Regarding Beck’s Position

Dear Editor:

After reading the article in regarding to Beck’s Position at the U, some questions came up to my mind. Question 1. As we know, US Constitution-Bill of Rights guarantees the right of freedom of speech to every one who lives in this country. Going to public is a person’s choice; she (Beck) certainly has the right to do so. Any threat is a serious violation of the Constitution. The article states:–‘But Beck says political pressure led to the erosion of her position, but she couldn’t go public because of career-oriented threats she said she received from Hrebenar and Ott. ‘ — –‘”I think some of my students felt like I might not go to bat for them, but I chose to keep the issue private because I was told if I went public, [Hrebenar and Ott] would have to take the next step,” Beck said.’ – –‘ Both Hrebenar and Ott deny ever threatening Beck in any way.’– My quetsion is:Did these threats actually happen? I was confused. Question 2. In the article, It is stated that: -‘ Hrebenar does admit “making a mistake” in hiring Beck to teach the class in the first place,’– Obviously, it is a mistake to hire instructor teaching at the U without a degree, and lack of teaching experience. However, my question is:Was this mistake corrected due to the fact that ‘U President Bernie Machen was contacted by Senate President Al Mansell, R-Sandy, who said that there was an instructor teaching at the U without a degree.’–; or due to a consideration of –‘complaints from several students in Beck’s class who referred to the course as “high schoolish.”‘ –? In other words, would this mistake be corrected without Senate President’s contact?

I was confused again.

Regards, Diane Xie, Ph.D. Engineering