Is it THAT bad?

By [email protected]


I am writing this in response to Chris Talbot’s editorial in Friday’s Chrony. Although I agree that having assumptions made about one’s personal and private life (or “lifestyle” as people in Utah like to say) called out in public is inappropriate, I do not appreciate Ms. Talbot referring to being called a lesbian as “slander”.

Slander consists of malicious remarks intended to harm someone’s reputation or credibility. Although I’m sure the ignorant people who called Ms. Talbot a lesbian thought they just might luck out and harm her reputation, I would hope that a professor of Gender Studies would be a little more broadminded and not give them the satisfaction of letting the remark insult her.

The term “dyke” is on par with any racial slur and is certainly offensive. However, I think being so utterly offended and insulted, especially publically, at being called a lesbian is socially irresponsible and unfair.

There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian, and taking such a publically horrified stance at being incorrectly categorized as such does nothing but perpetuate negative attitudes about homosexuality.

Let’s learn to play nice, indeed.