United States’ Freedom is Not Free

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Peace is patriotic, but freedom is not free and peace comes with a price.

If we are not willing to stand up to individuals who use brutal violence and fear of violence to rule a region and who are developing weapons to bully the entire world, then we will never have peace and we will lose our freedoms.

These are the same freedoms some are using to speak out against this war.

I love peace, and I’m grateful for the many soldiers throughout history who have paid the price for my peace and freedom.

I support those who are fighting to protect that peace and freedom now.

Think of the lives and suffering which would have been spared had world leaders been willing to stand up to Hitler as he built his war machine in violation of German treaties.

I’m glad President Bush and a few other world leaders are willing to enforce the treaties which Iraq entered into to end the first Gulf War, rather than waiting for Saddam to start the offensive when he is ready.

Let’s pray for peace, let’s pray for our service men and women, let’s pray for the Iraqi people, and let’s pray for a world with one less brutal lunatic with the power to terrorize it.

David P. Harding

Graduate Student

Metallurgical Engineering