Letter to the Editor: Protesting for the Good of America

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As a deployed military officer supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, I would like to add my views on the anti-war protesters in our country. Many have said that these individuals are unpatriotic, anti-American and perhaps even treasonous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Protesting a policy does not necessarily equate to ill will towards military members. Being patriotic should never mean that you must acquiesce to the views of the majority.

A free society requires questioning and intellectual vitality as much as it requires military force. In this climate of fear, our country needs questioning and dialogue more than ever.

The war will continue until U.S. forces control Iraq. That does not mean that anti-war protests should cease. Those who protest the war continue to send the important message that not everyone agrees with the necessity and morality of this war.

Our leaders need to hear this message so that it might have some bearing on their future decisions. If our society had paid more attention to past government action abroad, we might not be facing much of the hostility directed towards us today.

Aaron Jensen

Alumnus 2000