Letter to the Editor: Chronicle Treated K-UTE Unfairly

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This letter is in response to The Chronicle article titled, “K-UTE Should Pay Their Rent,” published on April 8.

I find it deplorable for a student group like The Daily Utah Chronicle to take a position on the beat down of K-UTE. Kicking a group when its down is completely unfair.

Yes, K-UTE may have a few extra dollars available and yes, there may have been a clerical oversight that led to the “free-rent”.

Student organizations always strive their best to succeed at advancing their respective professions or causes. Each group has a sincere need and privilege to take advantage of the facilities available at the University.

Some organizations have to pay for these facilities, but others do not. The Chronicle, CESA and ASUU pay strong money to support their offices and their respective causes, whatever they may be.

Although some notable organizations on campus have a $3,000 surplus, it is not accurate to say that they can use this money. Although K-UTE has “only” used $17,000 of a $20,000 budget, The Chronicle may not be aware of end-of-year expenses that usually add up.

It is unfair to “kick a man when he’s down.” I take a strong opinion in this regard because as student organizations, I think we should at least morally support each other.

Whether it is the Public Relations Student Society of America, CESA, ASUU or K-UTE, the message is simple: support each other.

Dave Nadkarni

Senior-Mass Communication