A&M Cult

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Chris Bellamy,

In the wake of September 11th, I find it extremely insulting to read your article about our “cult” at Texas A&M. Yes, we are a school full of tradition. We are a school full of “rituals” to which outsiders may be unaware of. But to call us a cult is disgracing to yourself, your school, and presumably the god which you worship. We, as a school, welcome people in to our customs. We love one another and appreciate the differences in one another. I hope anyone who is “brave enough” will please come to our next midnight yell. Come see the love the school shares for everyone regardless of race, gender or yes, even school. We as a campus stand for what America is. We cherish the American dream. Just look at our pictures of “Red, White and Blue” out. Look at the love and patriotism we showed for our country. We are far from a cult. We are a unique school who supports their team to the fullest. We support love, understanding and acceptance to the fullest. We welcome all opposing schools with open arms. If unity and school spirit make us a cult, then so be it. If that is the defination of a cult, then I am pround to say I am part of The Texas A&M Cult!!!! Perhaps if the world adopted the philosophy of our “cult” we all would be better off.