Chris Bellamy’s article on Texas A&M

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I realize I’m sending in this response a little bit late, but I have just recently received the email about Mr. Bellamy’s article on Texas A&M. I read the responses made by all of my fellow Aggies and I noticed that a few of them madesome corrections (like the fact that there are five yell leaders instead of four). However, I was surprised to see that no one corrected his title of yell practice. It is not called “The Yell”, it is called “Midnight Yell Practice”, because that’s exactly what it is. The 12th Man (the Aggie student body) prepares for the game along with the team. I enjoyed the article. I thought it was funny, mistakes and all.

Aggies are very proud of our school and our football team, even when they’re not doing so hot. We love being involved in our school and we love Maroon & White. That’s why you see maroon pickups and Aggie T-shirts EVERYWHERE!!

Mr. Bellamy, you must admit, even though you were scared and unsure, you really had a blast at yell practice and in College Station. I’m sure that in no time, you would fall right in with the rest of the Aggies and you would love every minute of it. It’s a great place to be. I’ll bet part of it did rub off on you and though I doubt you would ever admit it, you are glad that it did!!

You are welcome back any time!!

Robin Ellis ’93