The Aggie “Cult”

By [email protected]

Dear Mr. Bellamy:

You did not spend too much time learning about “The Yell” since it is actually known as “Yell Practice” or “Midnight Yell Practice.” It is also unfortunate, and rather pathetic, that you did not have a date for Yell Practice. If you did have a date, and were truly compelled to follow what the masses were doing, I am sure you would have mentioned that in your article.

As an Aggie, I found your obviously light heared, tongue-in-cheek, article entertaining–with one major exception. Your references to the KKK and and Nazis were simply offensive and hateful. If you study Texas A&M’s heroic history of producing military officers, you would know an awful lot of Aggies died fighting Nazism. Their memory is undeserving of the comparison you made.

I would hope you that you would consider apologizing to them and their family members for your hastily drawn and unfair and hateful comparison.

Thank you for your attention to this concern.

Keith D. BarberBona Fide Aggie Cultist, Class of ’80Currently, successful partner in one of America’s leading health law firms.