Unethical reporting

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

In response to your article about TX A&M’s Yell Practice — notice that is the first mistake, it is Yell Practice instead of “The Yell.”

I am appalled to say the least. Not by our deeply rooted traditions here at A&M, but at your lack of integrity as a so called “journalist.” The fact that you would be allowed to print a story like that is ridiculous!! Not only was it wrong factually, but also ethically. It would be one thing to say that you didn’t like the school, it traditions, and the town, but you went ahead and made up lies that your paper actually let you print. That is disrespectful to us as Aggies and makes you and your school paper look like a dishonest organization. Wow — maybe you should retake that ethics class before graduation.

I don’t expect you, or anyone other visitor, to fully understand what we do here at A&M. However, and maybe this is just what they teach us, you should at least try to respect it. I know nothing about Utah’s traditions (if there are any — which could be the problem), but I certain would not make fun of them in a published article. By doing this, you are giving many, many people, not only in Utah, but also the world since it is published on the web, a false impression of College Station.

Besides what is ethically wrong with this article, you have numerous facts wrong. You can’t even get the name of the event right. (Maybe, since you are an out of town journalist — you should have read the press packet that explains all this. OR ask someone to explain it to you. But I understand that it would have probably hurt your self esteem so you choose to adopt a worse strategy — ignorance is bliss.) The pep-rally is called Yell Practice, or Midnight Yell . . . not the Yell. There is no person named Lucifer, there were no sacrifices of virgins, you didn’t even get our fight song right, and there was no Praise Jesus, Good LLLLAwd’s or Amen’s. We certainly do not where white robes, burn candles, or have anything to do with the Third Reich or the KKK — and to imply so is insulting it crosses a hugh line. Oh, and about feeling unsafe — just so happens Texas A&M is one of the safest (actually last year we were ranked THE SAFEST) college campuses.

While it may sound juvenile, these types of attacks make me think that you are jealous because of your lack of school spirit. I find that not having that sense of pride in your school or education is really a travesty. Maybe you should consider transferring to find out what going to a real school is all about.

While I can understand using these types of descriptions to make a point, you went way overboard. I would suggest rethink career decisions based on your journalist “skills.” Or, maybe you should learn that before you print stories like this one, you should check the facts and think about moral and ethical implications that you may have after publication. I suggest that you either remove yourself, or be removed from you position.

Sincerely,Tessa HowingtonProudest Member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Classof 2003!! WHOOP!!