dumb fat leftists

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor,

on Wednesday, Opinion Columnist Jasyn Jones made a very good point regarding the discrepancy between the political inclinations of college professors and the US population at large. I couldn’t agree more. However, the subject deserves a more thourough study. There are more horrifying inequities that need to be revealed and, eventually, remedied. Isn’t it outrageous that about 30% of the American population is obese whereas less than 5% of college professors are? Do we really want the new generation to be education by such a disproportioned lot? But this isn’t even the worst. Consider that approximately half of the population is dumb and half is smart. Among college professors you have a hard time finding dumb specimens. An initiative should be started immediately to rectify this blatant violation of balanced education. Jasyn Jones would probably be very eager to sign a petition to this end.

Andreas FrsterGraduate StudentBiochemistry