Chris Bellamy’s article

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Oh, stop it, there’s no need to duck and cover because I’m actually a Notre Dame fan stuck in Aggieland (talk about Hell on Earth!). I’m a fourth generation Texan but I went to a Catholic high school run by Irish sisters!

Friday morning, I got up and began my morning ritual (not to be confused with anything that goes on across town)which included turning on the local morning news. In the middle of the program, the anchor started chuckling through his set-up for the next story which featured a young man from your paper and the highly controversial article he wrote, that’s what led me to your site. Before I continue let me say how proud I was to listen to such an articulate young man! He was so delightful and gracious, it just did this mother’s heart proud.

Well, I digress (the cosmic laughter you hear is from those who know me), I just wanted to say that the article may have been satire but it actually hit closer to the mark than Mr. Bellamy realized; however, I’m sure from the hate mail received he probably knows that by now. As an aside (see, I digress a great deal), those sacred Aggie traditions change with the wind. For example, the hallowed Thanksgiving Game is no longer held on Thanksgiving because television money was involved (the regents didn’t skip a breath for changing that one). Oh, and don’t get me started on that whole bonfire tragedy—oh, excuse me accident!

The alumni spout out the glories of the university and pat each other on the back while with the other hand THE Corps is reprimanded several times a year for serious infractions to the State hazing law, the student body harasses anyone of ethnic, racial, or gender difference. I get a kick out of the Aggie Family talk because the females on campus have had to fight for a place in Aggie society since their admitance in 1968 (females can’t be yell leaders and are continually harassed, sometimes physically abused, in THE Corp).

Thank you, dear editor, for allowing such wonderful journalistic freedom. Thank you, dear Utah University regents, for supporting your journalism department (A&M desolved theirs) and allowing them to develop such talented writers.


Amy E. WiseNot an Aggie and thank goodnes, none of my children are either.