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When I open the Daily Utah Chronicle every day, I cannot help but be dissappointed at the lack of variety in sports coverage from the articles presented. It’s great that the football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams are doing so well, but I am discomforted to find not even one article about the other sports in season- in my case, the University of Utah’s Swimming and Diving Team. Soccer and Volleyball’s upcoming matches are listed constantly, and although it would take an idiot to escape the news that the football team is playing New Mexico this Saturday, the Chronicle also repetitively reminds students of that sporting event. However, the Swimming and Diving team is hosting BYU as it’s season opener at home on Friday October 24th, at 6 p.m., and the Chronicle has failed to even acknowledge this in a 10-point font, two-line segment. What frustrates myself and other teammates even more is to come across articles in the Chronicle that take up huge portions of the page and discuss solutions to a dating problem or note the skateboarder who collided with a police car – which, I admit, is entertaining to a certain point. This week’s meet is called the Don Redddish Relays, and it will honor dozens of alumni in addition to featuring an exciting and fast-paced format against the reigning Mountain West Conference champions, who the University of Utah women’s team happened to beat at a dual meet last year. It will be a close meet, and we need all of the support and fans we can get. I understand that Swimming and Diving isn’t the most popular sport, nor the most entertaining to watch in some opinions. However, as a Division I team, training year-round, twice a day, and getting up at 5:15 in the morning to put all of our strength into becoming faster, we deserve some recognition and respect, even if in the form of simply a small notice informing students of our upcoming meets.

-Amber WalkerSophomoreExercise and Sports Science [email protected]