Letter to the Editor: Gay debate slanted unfairly

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I would like to thank Zack Jensen for his letter to the editor (“Thanks for proving hate exists,” Oct. 21) proving that low blows and unintelligent comments are still alive and well on campus. The argument that those who don’t agree with gays do so only because they fear their own personal “gayness” is what I remember hearing from kids playing four-square in elementary school. I thought we could expect better and more mature arguments from seniors in college.

If Jensen had asked around (strangely enough, he didn’t cite where he got his research from), he probably would have found that most people who don’t agree with homosexual lifestyles do so based on moral and even biological grounds. Simply taking a quick look at the human anatomy should be enough to show why there are many who don’t agree with, and consequently don’t want to be exposed to, the homosexual lifestyle-we weren’t made that way. Therefore, I find it unnatural. And as such, I don’t want to see it.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. I neither hate homosexuals nor think that they aren’t human. But I am tired of people like Jensen telling me that I have to accept the homosexual lifestyle as “normal” and if I don’t, to leave. I don’t agree with it, and that’s my right-as a human. Despite Jensen’s low blow toward Matt Harman, I’m surprised he doesn’t know that censorship exists in the “real world” too.

And perhaps there was a large outcry from people concerning the picture of the two men kissing because you didn’t have to “pick up the newspaper” to see it was on the front page. More responsible journalism, especially considering the makeup of the audience, is what I think Matt Harman was asking for. And that’s not too much to ask.

Clark Gunnerson

Alumnus, History