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By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

It was nice to finally see an article in the Chronicle that included the Swimming and Diving team and also noted our upcoming meet against BYU. However, I was dissappointed to find that the majority of the information stated in the article was not accurate; obviously the article was thrown together quickly from a look at our old website postings rather than from actual interviews or recent facts. For example,the co-captains listed in the article are last year’s captains (Tessa Greegor is also a co-captain this year); Kristen Kaiser has been the backbone of the team for the past THREE years, not two (she is a senior now); the women’s team had 13 freshmen LAST year (this year the number is 6 for freshmen women); John Carlile and David Fleisch aren’t even on the team this year (they both graduated last year); Ohio State and Florida State were teams that we competed against LAST year (take a look at our new schedule for the 03-04 season); and Air Force is definitely NOT even a “tough Conference opponent” in comparison to the calibur of competition from Colorage State for the women and UNLV for both teams. Lastly, head Coach Mike Litzinger was named MWC Women’s Coach of the Year in 2002 – NOT last season. These inaccurate publishings are a misrepresentation and embarrassment to our team, and I think that we deserve better. The next time your paper so graciously decides to include our team in an article, please put a little more time and effort into getting the facts straight.- Amber Walker, sophomore, Exercise and Sports Science Major, [email protected]