Group hosts week of political awareness

A student group is aiming to increase awareness of the effects of national laws, such as the USA Patriot Act, and other political issues this week.

The University Not In Our Name group is hosting a National Week of Student Action through Friday.

“We just want to bring issues to the table and increase awareness of the issues,” said Nikki Christensen, a member of UNION and an organizer. “We’re not here to be sensational, we just want to inform students,” she said.

Campuses across the nation will participate in the week, Christensen said.

The pinnacle of the week at the U will come on Wednesday, when the American Civil Liberties Union will be on hand to inform students about the USA Patriot Act.

“I don’t really think students know what the Patriot Act is or how it affects them,” Christensen said.

Organizers hope the week will empower students through knowledge and allow them to change the current system.

“Students in college are often looking as far ahead as graduation, but there is a broader future out there. Each person can play a small role in changing that world,” she said.

“If we can make one person ask one question, it will be worth it.”

Sheena McFarland