The Spaulding Manuscripts all over again

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Let’s get to the point,

You (as does most media) suppress facts that that have a tendancy to suport the opposite point of view. Do you suppose this is lack of competency, or would this be intentional? I suppose it is a case by case issue, but I hope Yours is not the latter.

In case You haven’t done Your research, here are a few interesting points:

Stan Larson has several books out but more or less, his teachings end up becoming another one of the “Idiot Savant” theories that arise every several years. Larson is a very educated individual. This is most interesting because in past books he has written, he attempts to stand on the shoulders of Tom Ferguson, who was a well-intentioned amateur, but has little to substantiate his claims against the Book Of Mormon. Larson takes Ferguson’s arguments, and tries to pass them off as his own. In addition to this, Larson only focuses on problem areas, without even looking at a single argument that may refute the claims that he infers are his own. Hmmm… Sounds to Me like Larson has a burr under his saddle.

As far as B. H. Roberts being an “authority” from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I think it would be in order to introduce your audience as to what type of “authority” B.H. Roberts actually was. He was not a leader in the church. Nor did he ever admit that the Church was true in the first place. He was a Mormon, and he was considered a great scholar. A great scholar that died in 1933. Most of the writings in B.H. Roberts’ book were based on archaeology. So that means, if we haven’t found it by 1933, it can’t be true. Is that what is being implied here?

Brigham Madsen – raised his family in the church, and stopped attending after they were grown. He was later noted as stating, “Atheists are as wrong as those Mormons and Christians who say they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the gospel is true,” he said. “I’m pretty sure there’s not a God, but I can’t be absolutely certain.” He did not like to rock the boat while he was alive, and I presume that is the reason that he was unavailable for comment.

–Matt Hansen

If I may take a shot in the dark Cara, I am going to guess you have a little something under your saddle too.