Letter to the Editor: There is no room for name-calling

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The column titled, “It just saint necessarily so” by Craig Froehlich in the Oct. 22 issue of The Chronicle was sadly disappointing to me and quite unworthy of a university publication.

One expects occasional sophomoric diatribes in a student produced paper, but in most cases outright bigotry is considered an abuse of freedom of expression. I have no problem with arguments about Catholic doctrine or practice-debate on disputed issues is valuable and healthy. I publicly and privately encourage it. In fact, I challenge the students who come to St. Catherine’s Newman Center to question what we teach.

Public vitriolic name calling, on the other hand, is not argument. It is demagoguery.

Surely, apologies from Froehlich for this embarrassing display are in order.

Rev. James Thompson, O.P.

Campus Minister

St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center Parish