You’re going to get raped’

Police say residents of Chapel Glen apartments recently held a sweatshirt design contest. An RA in the building was designated to collect the entries.

Police said they were called after a note was slipped under the RA’s door reading, “You’re going to get raped,” and “Where is my $50?” The RA recognized the handwriting and told police she suspected a resident. When police questioned the subject, he said he hadn’t meant any harm and that the note was part of his sweatshirt design. Police said the man could face expulsion from the residence halls.

Bathroom villain?

For the last two years, police have responded to petty mischief taking place in the Business Building. They say someone has been spitting in drinking fountains, writing on walls, clogging toilets and damaging soap dispensers.

“Someone responsible for cleaning up” confronted the man-a teacher in the department-who he believes is committing the mischief, according to police. The “teacher” responded by forming the shape of a gun with his fingers, holding it to the other man’s head, and saying “boom” a couple of times, followed by “right between the eyes.”

Compiled by Cara Wieser