Pignanelli Endorsement

By [email protected]


Based on the Chronicle 29 October 2003 editorial, Pignanelli is the superior candidate because a) he obtained his Bachelor’s and JD degrees here and b) he sat on various student government positions during and after his studies at the U. Although these facts do not unequivocally demonstrate a candidate’s ability to serve the U’s interests, there are bigger, uglier non sequitirs in this editorial that I’d like to address.

Pignanelli’s history in the State Legislature demonstrates his commitment to values that are “close to the hearts of many U students,” values such as hate crimes legislation, racial and gender discrimination, and animal rights. By citing his political record, are we to infer that Anderson does not share these values as well? Or is the Chronicle selectively ignoring Anderson’s many accomplishments in these areas during his first term?

Apparently the Chrony’s selective memory does not stop there. The editorial board tells us that “Pignanelli has also shown that he can be a uniting voice of compromise.” Where? When? Are you aware of Pignanelli’s sometimes vitriolic behavior in the State Lege? Or, in making your deadline, did you decide that you didn’t have time to consider altering the “Frank is a uniter, Rocky is a divider” script? Since this claim is pretty much the Pignanelli Campaign credo, were the editors at the Chrony just feeling lazy that day and decided that it was easier to recite political rhetoric rather than investigate this claim themselves? Is this what we should expect from tomorrow’s media corps?

The Chrony not only tells us that Anderson is an “outspoken and divisive critic,” but that his being “outspoken” and “divisive” is a “fact” as well! How was this “fact” empirically tested? By noting the endorsements of other politicians of course! No bias in that!

Finally, we are told that the “many positive things” that occured during Anderson’s term may have happened “in spite of the current administration.” Well, I guess anything’s possible, but I would trust a newspaper to look at the record to see if maybe, just maybe, these “positive” things were a direct result of the policies enacted during that term! Oh, but I already forgot, the administration’s record in the past four years is off limits. Instead, the Chrony has told us that Pignanelli’s tenure in the state legislature 10 years ago is more relevant.

I am not here to tell you who to endorse, but please, for the sake of public discourse, back up your endorsement with some valid claims. Show me how Frank Pignanelli is uniter – don’t just recite what his campaign says. Explain how the progress made during Anderson’s term is just a big coincidence and how it may have happened “in spite” of him. Exercise your role as reporters of the record and allow your readers to make informed decision. Being derelict in your duties and spouting unsubstantiated bullroar is not how a newspaper should act. -Shawn W. Hill Alumnus, 2001