Andrew Kirk’s article-Columbus

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor,

It amazes me that you and your paper would allowthe out and out lies perpetrated by the Articlewritten by Kirk.

As a Native American(Cherokee) I am aware of allthe suffering my people had to endure, due tothe whites forcesing them off their lands in the south, forcesing them to make a treacherous anddeadly trip across rugged territory(many of my people died along the way) and finally endingup on a reservation which hardly had any means to grow crops and raise food to maintain theirsustenance.

Our people are the true Americans, we lived inharmony for thousands of years, then Columbuswith his motely crew invaded our land and the rest is history, ending up with the near extiction of all Native Americans.

I see Columbus, being more evil than Hitler,Gengis Kahn, Napolean, Saddem Hussein, Osamabin laden, in fact he is also up to the standard of evil of Satan.

Any other European who invaded our lands from the east, west, north or south, I feel pretty much the same especially the Spanish conquisadors, who invaded through Mexico and mingled with pure Native American blood.

I have often wondered what life in America would have been if the Real Americans were leftto Populate and continue to keep our environment clean and free of contaminates.


Due to all the pollution from industries, the waters are poison, the air is poison. The worst part is that American’s crime is horrific. And guess what, it all started with Columbus,who came to America in the Honor and Glory of God.

Patty Ray/redbirdwomenPSI would appreciate that this email gets to the desk of Andrew Kirk, if he is planning to be a journalist, and plans to write more ridiculousarticles such as this one, maybe he should takea class in Native American history and do moreinvestigating of the suffering of all NativeAmericans.