Sigma Chi members have Halloween fun

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Police were called last week to deal with people smashing pumpkins near 100 South and 1450 East. One man-who identified himself as a Sigma Chi pledge-was holding a large garbage can and told police he planned on riding it down 100 South. Police advised him against this and warned him about criminal consequences.

Detective Mike McPharlin said police had reason to believe there were other Sigma Chi members involved in the pumpkin smashing. The house president was contacted and members of the fraternity were ordered to clean up the mess.

Herpes research results in threat

A self-described “concerned citizen” sent an e-mail to members of a U research team. The researchers had hung up flyers in the neighborhood of 900 South and 900 East, asking for volunteers to participate in an infectious diseases study. The “concerned citizen” accused the researchers of “polluting our community” and “creating eyesores.” Police were called because the e-mail continued with “I’m not messing around,” and, “This is the last cordial message you will receive…I’m mean enough and industrious enough to take all of you down.” Police found the man using the name, phone number and address he had left in the e-mail.

Kiss…and don’t tell

An acquaintance of a U student called her and asked if she would come to his house to discuss something. She complied, later telling police the man wanted to discuss relationship issues with her. The student told police the man then tried to kiss her and prevented her from leaving the apartment by grabbing her arm. The student managed to escape.

Survivor XVI: Van Cott Hall

A U security officer notified police after he found an unlocked door at Van Cott Hall during early morning hours. Inside, a damaged Coke machine was discovered. Allegedly, someone had pried the machine open and had tried to do the same with another machine. Police then discovered evidence that someone could be living in a basement room. Salt Lake City Police sent a K9 unit to search for the suspect, but no one was found.

Compiled by Cara Wieser