Who’s Responsible?

By [email protected]

After sitting here for quite some time trying to think of some whitty or elegant way to approach this subject, I have decided to simply ask just Who is responsible? I do my best in my small corner of the world to recycle and reuse whenever possible and being an employee of the U of U increases this importance when I see how much is wasted on a daily basis. Today while on my lunch break I was reading the Chronicle and watching the snow beliving somehow that this weather must be helping the fires that are ravaging homes and trees in California, I was shocked to watch a Daily Chronicle delivery person pick up 10-15 day old papers and DUMP them in the garbage.So I ask, Who is responsible, if not each one of us? Perhaps it is not a policy of Daily Chronicle to recycle, if not, it should be.

Donna Reister-PyperB.S. grad 1992