Supporters of Dean for president meet at U

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Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is busy preparing for a run at the presidential candidacy for the United States, and he has some support in the state of Utah.

Although it is unlikely that Dean-a Democrat-would win Utah’s electoral votes in next year’s presidential election, D.J. Baxter, who works for the city of Salt Lake, says Utah supporters of Dean can still make a difference.

In a monthly “meet up,” those interested in Dean’s campaign met on Wednesday night in the OSH Building to discuss both national and local issues.

According to Baxter, the events have taken place since February or March of this year, and each time there are new faces in the crowd.

On Wednesday night, nearly 30 people attended, with about 20 of them being first-timers, Baxter said.

Among other things, they watched videos produced by the Dean Campaign and wrote letters to voters in New Hampshire and Iowa-because winning over either the Iowa Caucus or the New Hampshire primary is essential for any and all Democratic candidates, according to Baxter .

The efforts are what Baxter calls a push at a grass roots movement by the Dean campaign.

Although Utah tends to favor Republican candidates in the presidential elections, Baxter says Utah voters can still make a difference in the primaries.

According U alum Kevin Lawlor, next year’s election “is one of the most important elections in the history of the United States.”

Lawlor, who is a native-born resident of Canada, said he got his United States citizenship this year just so he could vote.

The “meet ups” are conducted every month. For more information, those interested can check out the Dean campaign’s Web site at

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