College Republicans kick off activities

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“Finally, conservatives will have a voice on campus” was part of the opening statement given by Josh Ashby at the first official meeting of the U chapter of College Republicans.

Ashby and fellow College Republican Suzy Richardson were responsible for Thursday night’s meeting, and even spent their own pocket change on pizza and flyers for everyone who attended.

“We want to get things a little more balanced [on campus],” Richardson said.

Joe Cannon, Utah State Republican Party chairman and Chris Blake, executive party director, came to speak to the group about politics.

Cannon said the Democratic party typically believes in the perfectibility of man through the instrumentality of the state, whereas the Republican party believes more in individual responsibility and limited government.

Cannon told the club they could be “guerrilla warriors” here on campus, running for office, standing up for right things in a “polite and civil” manner.

He also told the audience that they could get involved in politics by volunteering at party headquarters or with a campaign, though much of the volunteer work has to do with painting signs and licking envelopes.

“Campaign work is not that sexy,” Blake said.

Despite the busy work involved in campaign volunteering, those in attendance seemed eager to participate, and had a chance to voice their opinions at the beginning of the meeting.

Some of the opinions voiced were: “Republicans are sexy,” “I want to get involved because I’m sick of all the liberals,” and “I’m sick of seeing left-wing posters.”

Some of these comments brought up the question of a divide between liberals and conservatives on campus.

“I hope there wouldn’t be a divide,” Ashby said. According to him, College Republicans want to voice their side of political issues and work with other groups on community service events like the food drive that is planned to take place Nov. 20.

Cub Newton, a finance major, says he feels that the club will be a good way to provide a conservative voice on campus, something that has been, according to him, a “really quiet” voice.

The club will meet the first and third Thursday of every month, and has already received a commitment from Jim Hansen, Tim Bridgewater and John Swallow to speak sometime at future meetings.

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