The College Readership Program is subversive and dangerous

By [email protected]


The travesty of a mockery of a sham of a College Readership Program must be stopped immediately and never revived, lest the fate of all Mankind be imperiled.

The program carelessly provides free newspapers to the students of this fine University. The students pay for this privilege once a semester in a small fee hidden amongst many larger others. This gives the student who picks up a paper without plopping down a single red cent the dangerous impression that he is getting something for nothing (i.e. stealing)! He receives then a taste of the perverse thrill of theft which will seize his mind with a craving for more. A descent into the criminal element will follow inevitably. If this program of rewarding sloth and undermining the work ethic is allowed to continue, the youth of today, our best hope for the future, will devolve into a bunch of lazy slobs sitting in their own putrescence all day downloading music and watching pirated cable. Communism and will be the result, and ultimately, total annihilation.

The widespread availability of newspapers is dangerous to the general welfare of the State in a more immediate way as well. By reading these papers, the young, college student may encounter ideas and opinions different from his own. His self confidence and unblinking faith in his entrenched beliefs will be destroyed, leaving him frightened and emotionally damaged. More dangerously, these papers might expose him to opinions contrary to those of his parents. Disrespect for his elders and wanton debauchery will be the only recourse for a boy so disillusioned. And most dangerous of all, in these papers our student may encounter articles that portray those stalwart and noble individuals who run this country in a negative light. The student, his cherished ideal of a flawless and Godly state shattered, will then lose his faith in our democratic institutions and resort to apathy or, worst of all, Communism.

And who is to say that result is not what the “well-intentioned” founders of this insidious readership program had in mind from the beginning? The whole thing reeks of a Commie plot to me. Information spread across campus to all equally, regardless of gender, race, or economic standing? I can tell Red treachery when I see it. Since the start of this malicious spread of these newspapers and their liberal-biased, unpatriotic, and near Communistic writings, I have seen a marked increase on campus of Che Guevara t-shirts and Marxist graffiti scrawled on the bathroom walls. Coincidence? I think not.

I call for all true supporters of America to denounce this dangerous spreading of information to the unwashed masses. That is the only way to save our country and its ideals of Freedom and Democracy. Travis CurritJunior, Nurse Midwifery