I’m a Conservative (Democrat)

By [email protected]

David Trotter1799 Heritage CenterSLC, UT 84112587-1999

& Josh Ashby of the U College Republicans stated in Friday’s Chronicle that “conservatives will have a voice on campus.” It is great that people like Ashby see that there is an organization here on campus that conservatives can be part of. I am also a member of an organziation thataccepts conservatives. They are called the College Democrats.

What! I am sure that is the first thing that went through you mind when I said the word’democrats’. But the Democratic Party is one of inclusion and accepts anyone, no matter their race, religion, sex and yes, views on political issues.

But I’m sure many of you are asking yourself how can a white, pro-life, pro-gun,NASCAR loving southerner who’s family is from Mississippi and Florida can ever become ademocrat?

The first, and biggest, factor has to be family. Everyone in my family are democrats. If I were to even consider voting republican, my mother would probably be serving a life sentence in prison for killing me! Even my grandmother from rural, ultra-conservative Tishomingo County, Mississippi would never bring herself to vote for a republican. In fact, she is suffering from aminor case of depression because former Republican National Chairman Haley Barbour is now her new governor. The second reason I could never bring myself to the vote for the other side is RonaldReagan. As a fiscal conservative, I could never vote for somebody that spent our country into a nearly $200 billion national debt. While increasing our spending, he raised taxes on middle class families and cut services to many of our country’s poor. I don’t see the fiscal conservatism in that process. On the other hand, Democrat Howard Dean has not only balanced Vermont’s budget and lowered taxes, but has also increased benefits, like health care for all persons under 21 years old.

Another reason that I would never support Reagan is the whole Iran-Contra affair. While most leaders would be tried for treason if they sold weapons to one of our most hated enemies that refer to the United States as the “Great Satan”, Reagan is celebrated as a great hero by fellowrepublicans. As a patriot myself, I find it really hard to support treasonous acts. If any act was to be considered an impeachable one, this was it.

Finally, I could never hand over my support to the GOP because of their lack of morals. It is ironic that Rush Limbaugh talks about President Clinton’s morals on a daily basis while illegally popping pills himself. Also, Ann Coulter, who has basically accused every democrat since Harry Truman of committing treason in her new book Treason, fails to examine Reagan’s actions duringthe Iran-Contra affair. President Bush, who vowed to “return morality to the White House”, was arrested for a DUI in Maine many years ago. I could continue with Newt Gingrich, BobPackwood and Bob Livingston’s acts of infidelity, Dick Cheney’s DUIs and questionable business deals and almost everything Richard Nixon did, but I think most readers get the point.

Do I agree with republicans on most of today’s major political issues? The simple answer to that is yes. But when they start talking about a balanced budget and yet support Dubya’s projected national debt for 2004 is $500 billion, it is hard to take anything they take seriously. Democrats have always been committed to not only keeping their word, but doing what is rightfor the country. That is why I, a conservative, am proud to be a democrat.