Response to Frost’s article

By [email protected]

David TrotterJunior – [email protected]

As the head of the Edwards for President campaign here on campus, I was glad to see one of your writers talk about the positive aspects of the Edwards campaign. Little did I know when I was posting my “Edwards for President” flyers around the OSH Building and the Law School in the freezing weather, RuthAnne Frost was promoting our cause. Thanks RuthAnne for that article. We need people like you on our Edwards campus organization. As RuthAnne stated, Edwards is the only candidate out there that is addressing the issue of education as strongly as he is focusing on health care, foreign policy and the other issues that encompasses our political spectrum. Not only has he addressed all issues equally, but he has done so in a very positive light. While Senator Edwards talks about education more than any other candidate, his main emphasis deals with the cost of tuition. Being from the small, rural town of Robbins, NC, where his father was a mill worker and his mother worked at the post office, Edwards understands the value of money. Under Edwards’ “College for Everyone” plan, he proposes that if a student works ten hours a week (which most of us do anyway), that students can receive free in-state tuition. Education is just one of the issues that Edwards addresses. On his website (, you would see that the senator focuses on every issue with the same amount of concern and energy as he does with educational issues. But I do disagree with RuthAnne on one point. I think that Edwards will win. On November 25th, 2003, a poll conducted by the Iowa State University said that Edwards would get 0% of the vote in the Iowa caucuses. He finished with 32% of the vote. In New Hampshire, most political pundits had Edwards running in fifth. Now there is a possibility that he could finish third, maybe even second. And in the general election, Edwards can challenge George Bush in the south. Though Edwards can’t win the south, he can win key southern states like North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana, which swing from one party to another every election cycle. Edwards is the best overall candidate. He is addressing all the issues and not leaving any behind. He has run a very positive campaign while the other Democratic contenders are constantly low-blowing one another. Edwards is an articulate speaker and according to James Carville the best campaign speaker he has ever seen (including Clinton). And finally, he is good looking! When I look at Edwards, I see a southern version of John Kennedy. Maybe this country needs another JFK. And take my word, Dubya doesn’t want to face somebody that reminds the voters of JFK. The republicans want somebody that reminds voters of Michael Dukakis.

P.S. – if you could put contact information for the Edwards for President campus organization, that would be great. Just have anyone e-mail me at [email protected] If not, I understand.