Service group helps prepare toys for disadvantaged children

Disadvantaged kids in Iraq are going to get cars.

The volunteer corps of the Bennion Community Service Center will be in the Union East Ballroom painting toy wooden cars Monday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The project will include any student, faculty or staff member who stops by to pick up a paintbrush.

Painters will work with cars donated by The Happy Factory, a lumber company located in Sandy.

They had enough surplus wood to provide the U with 100 cars.

Brandon Lee, student director of the corps, said at first he thought service was for rich, snobby people who had extra time, and decided to join the corps to beef up his resume.

After serving, however, he said he has realized that small actions can change others’ lives and the communities in which they live.

“Even if students just have five or 10 minutes between classes to come and help, that’s great. Our goal is to give hope, encouragement and enthusiasm to these kids during trying times,” Lee said.

The U will try to paint all 100 cars faster than a service group from Brigham Young University did, says Brandon Lee, student director of the corps.

Though beating BYU at anything is always nice for the U, Lee wants to make sure the cars are painted well.

“We still want quality…They do have a quality standard,” he said.

The volunteer corps will return the finished cars to The Happy Factory, which will then send most of them to Iraq, according to Lee.

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