Letter to the Editor: Chronicle error a slap in the face


I am writing this letter regarding the article on Chinese New Year in the Jan. 28 edition of The Daily Utah Chronicle (“Celebrating the year of the monkey”).

On the front page was a picture of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association preparing for the evening’s events, with a referral to Page 3. However, on Page 3 is an article concerning a casino night activity from the Taiwanese Student Association. In addition, The Chronicle included a photo of a stage performance from the Chinese Student Association with a quote from the Taiwanese Student Association, indirectly giving credit to the latter.

How would U students feel if a picture of Crimson Nights appeared in an article about a Brigham Young University activity in The Daily Universe (BYU’s student newspaper)? How would anyone feel if the fruits of their hard work were highlighted under the name of someone else? The picture was a slap in the face to everyone in the Chinese Students and Scholars Association who put effort into his or her New Year’s celebration. If The Chronicle did not have a picture for the Taiwanese Student Association’s event, it should not include any at all.

Such poor journalistic integrity is something I would not expect, considering the vast improvements that The Chronicle has made over the years.

Xiaoxin Chen

Graduate Student,

Electrical Engineering