Letter to the Editor: Edwards is best choice for president


As I was reading The Daily Utah Chronicle on Feb. 24, not only was I upset about the endorsement of John Kerry for Utah’s primary election, I was also upset about The Chronicle giving the readers very little information on John Edwards’ candidacy. After The Chronicle’s endorsement, I am wondering if it was intentional.

Your “look at the candidates’ platforms” section states that both Kerry and Edwards voted for the war, but says that only Kerry opposed the $87 billion appropriations bill to continue funding of the war. In reality, both Kerry and Edwards voted against the bill. It would be nice if The Chronicle had told the truth about every candidate, fair and balanced, and not made one candidate look better than the other, as it did in this case.

Also, I am really surprised that The Chronicle didn’t mention anything about education in the platforms section.

Edwards’ plan is one that can really address the problems of higher tuition. His plan allows any student who works 10 hours a week to receive free in-state tuition.

Kerry’s plan calls for a $4,000 tax credit. But since most students work only part-time, many students will not see the benefits of the Kerry plan.

On the other hand, they will immediately feel the effects of the Edwards’ plan.

Finally, when choosing a candidate for president, I feel that trust is a large part of the equation.

At the recent Florida Democratic Party Convention on Dec. 6, 2003, Kerry said, “I voted against the Medicare bill.” The fact is, Kerry didn’t vote for or against the Medicare bill-he didn’t vote on it at all.

Why did Kerry feel that he needed to lie to the voters on this very important subject?

I feel that we need honesty in the White House, and John Edwards has shown that quality. We are trying to force one liar out of the White House-not replace him with another.

David Trotter

Junior, History

U of U Edwards for President Campaign