Hot-wired carts, helpful felons

Utility cart hot-wire

An employee at the University Services Building reported someone had stolen the ignition to a utility cart.

The employee told police the cart was tampered with some time this weekend, after it had been parked at the building Friday night.

Due to the missing ignition, police believe someone may have tried to hot-wire and steal the cart. A space heater was also reported missing from the same building.

Anorexic’s sister causes disturbance

A woman was admitted to the University Neuropsychiatric Clinic by her sister and her sister’s boyfriend for anorexia. The sister and the boyfriend began to cause a disturbance after they disagreed with one of the treatments the woman was receiving. They reportedly became such a nuisance that police were called. Police discovered the boyfriend had a felony warrant out for his arrest, and immediately took him into custody. The sister, after speaking with police, left by herself.

Juvenile assaults mother

A University Village resident called police to report her son was assaulting her and her other foster children.

The 14 year-old boy was allegedly whipping his siblings with a thin stick and pushing his mother. Police took the boy to a juvenile receiving center where he underwent counseling. He was not charged for the incident. According to reports, police have visited the apartment on several occasions.

Compiled by Cara Wieser